New Phone

I don’t feel like writing today. I’ve been down in the dumps and not feeling well, so I thought I’d make today Wayback Wednesday with this old Facebook post from May 31, 2015 … the day I bought a new home phone (landline) which I recently made reference to in another blog post.

May 31, 2015 at 12:23am

New phone instructions, as printed on a 10-page fold-out, almost the size of a road map: (This is just one of many parts of the instructions, but I think people who need this information probably don’t need a phone.)

To make a call:

1. Lift the handset and wait for a dial tone.

2. Use the dialing keys to enter the number you want to dial.

3. Place the handset on the telephone base to hang up.

To answer a call:

1. Lift the handset while the phone is ringing.

2. Place the handset on the telephone base to hang up.

Note: The instructions didn’t mention this, but if the telephone is a new form of technology to you, it is customary to greet the caller after you’ve completed step #2. This can be done with the traditional “Hello?”, or if you have up-to-date technology and have been made aware of who is calling, you may greet them personally, in a more customized manner.