What I’ve Learned Today: Gender Reveal Parties


To be perfectly honest, I gained the knowledge discussed here yesterday – not today – but I simply wanted to be able to use the WILT hashtag.

It all started when I was scrolling through my newsfeed and scrolled past a video a friend of mine had liked regarding something that took place at a “gender reveal party”.

Oh!  This sounds interesting!

I opened the link and immediately paused the video so I could watch the video with a full cup of coffee.  I returned with my cup of joe, settled down and hit play.  A 30-second commercial started up and I took this opportunity to contemplate the idea of a gender reveal party.

I wonder if somebody just recently had transition surgery and is about to reveal their new body to their friends and family?  I hope they don’t go so far as to actually expose themselves.  A display of genitals would be tacky!  Oh!  The commercial’s ending!  Now to find out what happens!

A man and a woman are shown in a back yard, surrounded by friends and family.  The woman is obviously pregnant and near them is a box, large enough to contain a full-grown adult.

Oh!  I bet the transgendered person is in the box!  I wonder if the couple have any idea? The pregnant woman may be the transgender’s sister … or maybe the husband is the brother.

A crowd of family and friends is standing around, urging the couple to open the box.  They tease back and forth a little and finally they reach for the lid and take it off the box.

Approximately a dozen blue helium-filled balloons make their escape into the heavens.  The crowd cheered, laughed and cried.  The couple looked genuinely happy.

Okay … whatever!  So they’re having a boy and everyone is as pleased as punch.  Maybe the transgendered person is inside the house to surprise the young couple.  Maybe he or she came from out-of-state simply to surprise them.  Maybe they haven’t seen each other in years.  Maybe…

And it’s over.

What just happened?  Where’s the transgender?  What a stupid video!  They forgot to film the whole point!  Just a pregnant woman and a bunch of stupid blue balloons!  Where was the big gender revea… 

Oh, wait! 

Pregnant woman…

Blue balloons…

I wonder if that was the whole point?  That would be really lame! 

Gender reveal party?   Hmm…  I wonder if that’s a thing?

img_20170222_114334I googled the term and discovered it is, in fact, a thing!  In fact, it’s quite a common thing.

Why have I never heard the term before?  How did I miss ever hearing about this cultural tradition? Whatever happened to baby showers?  Do they even still exist?

I alerted my Facebook friends to what I had just learned. Apparently they already knew about this tradition.

A couple of my friends expressed their dislike of being told the gender of an unborn baby. They both prefer the surprise factor. One friend attempted to make me feel like less of an idiot for never having heard of a gender reveal party. Several others piped in with their opinions and experiences with such parties and one said, “You’re so adorable.”

So there you have it!  There’s a thing in our culture called a “gender reveal party” … and I’m adorable!