Prideful Politics

I am not politically minded. I have a hard time understanding a system created to confuse via legalese, contradictions, doubletalk and illogical interpretations. My brain understands right vs. wrong, fair vs. unfair, nice vs. mean, inclusion vs. exclusion, etc. Even these things have their gray areas, but not like bureaucratic politics.

One thing I have noticed, however, is that frequently Party-A will tolerate words or actions from a Party-A politician that they won’t tolerate from a Party-B politician, and vice versa.

When it pertains to sexual misconduct, for instance, party-A members who condemned a party-B politician for being inappropriate/immoral in the past will overlook and/or defend similar actions with a party-A politician. This is not limited to sexual misconduct, however. These exceptions are made in many different areas.

Whenever one finds oneself saying, “But Mr.Twenty-Years-Ago did (or said) the same thing and the other party didn’t have a problem then, so what’s the big deal now?”, then it’s time to take stock of your own ethics/morals. I know people who darn-near condemned past politicians who weren’t members of their party for the same things they now turn a blind eye to.

We need to stop treating party politics with as much (or more) respect as religion/spirituality. We need to stop treating politicians as if they were members of our favorite bouncy-ball teams.

Politics is not a game! Politicians are not infallible, regardless of the party badge they wear!

We have to understand that politicians (including presidents) from all parties are just as human and no better than you or I. They are not gods! They should not be viewed as “better than” anyone else.

“We, the People” should stand together, but instead we side with a team (party) and revel in criticizing and condemning the other guys. That’s the game that has been created for us in order to keep us battling against each other so we won’t see the big picture. As long as they can convince us that we should oppose the other guy because he/she is rich, poor, black, white, gay, straight, Democrat, Republican, Muslim, Christian, atheist, male, female, etc., then we are always going to be fighting for the wrong things.

Every time I see liberals or conservatives being criticized or condemned by their opposers, my first thought is “This is nothing but a friggin’ game!”

The world of politics should not be about “scoring one for the team” and mocking the opposing team. Instead we should be examining the character of the politician, not defending him/her simply because he/she won our vote.

There is no room for pride when people’s health, lives, livelihoods, life’s savings and God-given rights are at stake. (If you don’t believe in God, then view them as birth-given or natural rights.) It is true that our rights should be viewed as birthrights, granted to all human beings, without exception to nationality, religion, sex, sexuality, etc. These rights have always been the basis of Law. Whether you believe in a higher power or Karma, the Law should pertain to all. (Note: We must also remember that true Law protects the rights of mankind and is based on right vs. wrong. Codes, acts, regulations, statutes and ordinances don’t always reflect this.)

Unethical behavior remains unethical regardless to which party the politician belongs. Likewise, class (or lack thereof), politeness, ethics, competency, etc., should not be judged by the party to which the politician belongs.

Don’t be so friggin’ in love with your party of choice that you become blind to the things that truly matter.

The character of a man matters far more than the party to which he belongs. Those who can’t raise themselves above the party are doomed to accept whatever position(s) the party takes, whether they’re right or wrong.

We must remember that we (human beings) are natural, whereas political parties are artificial – created and run by politicians. Then we must ask ourselves which is more important – standing for the rights of God’s/Nature’s creation or standing for the whims/demands of man’s creations.


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